Our paddles come in two options: Hardwood or Soft wood

Custom-made Hardwood Paddles

Our hardwood paddles are custom made from trees grown in Wisconsin by a retired Navy Lieutenant. The woods are made from a combination of Maple, Birch, Oak, Pine, Alder, Walnut, and Cherry to provide the lined contrast you see in the large paddle. 

Hardwood paddles come in two sizes: 18" and 3 feet. 
Price ranges are between $50-$130

Softwood Paddles

Our softwood paddles come in an elegant pine finish. High quality, these paddles are sure to flatter any receiver or make your event stand out from the rest. ​​

Softwood Paddles come in three sizes: 18'' , 29'', 36'', 4' and 5'.
Price ranges are between $15-$120
Specialty Plaques
Want a unique paddle shape? Have something in mind that you can't find anywhere else? Call us so we can make your dream design a reality! 

(619) 756-4363