Design Options:
$25 Engraved 3x4 Brass Plate 
$30 Engraved 4x4 Brass Plate
$15 Color metal disk of image/logo (2"~3" Diameter)

$15 Picture Plate
$20 Laser Engraved text into the wood
$20-40 Laser Engraved image/logo into the wood
              (price based on design)

Wooden Plaques

  1. Wooden Plaque 8x10
    Wooden Plaque 8x10
    $20 Shown in Red Alder wood with Laser engraved text, Color disks with logos inset into the wood.
  2. Red Alder w/ Walnut Edges 8x10
    Red Alder w/ Walnut Edges 8x10
    $30 Shown in an 8x10 with engraved text, engraved logo, inset coin and attached metal badge.