Handle Wrapping Styles

  1. Spiral Nautical
    Spiral Nautical
    A two color styled wrap featuring a spiral pattern. You choose the 2 or 3 colors used.
  2.   Nautical
    Wrap can be any 2 colors you choose. The finish turks knots are usually 1 solid color. This image depicts 2 colors used.
  3. 2 Section
    2 Section
    A nautical wrap with two sections of different colors as a turk knot between the two. You choose the 2 colors. Additional $10
  4. 3 Section
    3 Section
    Three sections of different colors in a nautical wrap, separated by turk knots. Additional $15
  1. Admiral
    A 2-4 color styled wrap with three link styled chains running down the handle. Additional $30
  2.  Braid
    A classic braid styled wrap. Can be done in 1 color or 2 colors of your choice.
  3. French Braid
    French Braid
    A french braid down the middle of the neck of the paddle. A 3 strand knot that can be done in any colors of your choice.
  4. Braided Nautical
    Braided Nautical
    A nautical styled wrap with a braid that spirals down the handle. Additional $10
  1.   Custom Flag
    Custom Flag
    We have had experience doing other country's flags, including Greece, Italy, and Japan. Additional: With Lettering $25 Without lettering $30
  2. USA Flag
    USA Flag
    USA flag handle wrap. Additional $15
  3. USA Flag w/ Letters
    USA Flag w/ Letters
    USA Flag wrapping style with lettering. Additional $25. The flag and letter section can be done in any colors of your choice.
  4. Presidential
    Paddle is separated into four sections with different types of wraps and colors within the sections. You choose the colors for each section. Additional $30
  1. Commander
    A 3 section wrap with the center section different from the outer sections. Additional $30 Braided Coin show is Additional $10
  2.  Mariner
    A two color Mariner wrap. Additional $30
  3. Lettering
    We can include lettering and numbering into our wraps. Additional $25
  4. Custom Wrap
    Custom Wrap
    Send us your wrap idea and we will do our best to make it happen!
  1. Fin Wrap Options
    Fin Wrap Options
    1- Braid 2-Spiral Braid 3-Flag ($15) 4-Basic Flag Wrap is Additional $15
  2. Whale OD/Green
    Whale OD/Green
    Basic Wrap in 2 colors with Whale Knot Additional $10
  3. Whale USA
    Whale USA
    Basic Wrap in 3 colors with Whale Knot Additional $10
  4. Whale Navy
    Whale Navy
    Basic Wrap in Navy colors with whale Additional $10


Whale Knot
Braided Coin
If you are looking to add a coin to your paddle, the Braided Coin can be added to any kind of wrap. 
Additional $10
Whale knot can be added to any wrapping style near the blade of the paddle. 
​Additional $10.