Honoring Achievements, Remembering Milestones"
Paddles, military plaques, coin boxes and carriers are hand crafted with the highest quality. Products are made from a combination of woods grown in Wisconsin by a Retired Navy Lieutenant. 
Paddles are hand crafted in large, medium, small, and 5 foot sizes. All paddles are hand wrapped with your choice of colors.

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Fins are hand crafted, with the option to add two different sizes of plaques. Available with rope work and combination of coins, warfare devices, ribbons, and pictures.
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Shadow Boxes...
Wood shadow box that comes with a pexiglass lid. Every box can be personalized with items and engravements.
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Coin Boxes...
Creative wooden boxes that can be personalized with flags, coins, engravements, and other items of memorobilia.
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Various coins available for purchase including SEAL Teams, Warcom, Sniper, and "Only Easy Day."
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Handle Wraps...
Handle wraps can be added to paddles for an extra cost. Various different patterns and colors can be added to make your paddle unique.
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Navy Paddles began as a hobby, creating paddles for service members and other supporting commands in the Naval Special Warfare community. After Kyle Nyseth retired, Navy Paddles turned into much more than a hobby.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, valuable memorabilia. We will work to create your plaque, paddle, box, or other item the way you want it, to the best of our ability. Just send us your idea, and we will see what we can do. Here are a few custom items we have done for other customers in the past.