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3’ Paddle

3' Paddle

Our 3′ paddle is a popular choice for those looking to commemorate significant milestones or honor a loved one’s service. Explore our range to find the perfect size and level of customization to meet your requirements.

Bare Paddle

Simple and unembellished, these paddles emphasize the natural beauty and texture of the wood, with no added embellishments or customizations.

Wrapped Only Paddle

A timeless classic with a personal touch; personalize your paddle with a custom wrap on the handle, a tradition rooted in naval history that adds aesthetic appeal.

Personalized Paddle

Express your appreciation and honor with a fully customizable paddle, offering a wide range of personalization options to create a unique and memorable keepsake.

Bare Paddles

Choose the perfect paddle as a token of respect and honor for the veteran in your life, highlighting the wood’s natural elegance.

Personalized Paddles

Honor your veteran with a paddle customized to your liking, with options for Wraps, Text/Image Engraving, Additional Knots, Embedded Coins, Rank Pins, and Warfare Devices, creating a keepsake full of sentiment and memories.