Honoring Achievements, Remembering Milestones.

How does someone show their appreciation, thankfulness, and love for others who are serving to protect their country?  As a Wisconsin-based business, Navy Paddles creates military memorabilia that honors achievements and remembers milestones. And with so many ways to say thank you to the service men and women, medical personnel, and law enforcement, how you say thank you is important. With Navy Paddles, enjoy customizing and creating a personalized gift for your hero or foundation. Each personalized gift of military memorabilia from Navy Paddles truly expresses the pride and appreciation you want to show for a big “thank you.”

Owner, Amanda Bauer-Frisch

As parents, we often wonder what kind of legacy we’ll leave for our kids. Our founder Amanda began to think very seriously about this question when her husband, Adam, passed away in April of 2017. Alongside so much else, he left Amanda with the foundational skills that have enabled her to guide their family and build lasting and meaningful connections. Navy Paddles is a crucial part of  her journey to helping more families leave an enduring legacy.

“I am passionate about the work I do because of the people I do it for.”

Shipped from Verona, Wisconsin!

Each order is handcrafted and our current order processing time is 4-6 weeks. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with the tracking information.
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A Craft of Honor

Today, Navy Paddles is the largest customized paddle company in North America. We create beautiful, high quality items and work closely with nearly 100 foundations and nonprofit organizations that also give back to the military community. These unique items are used as silent auction pieces and table centerpieces for foundations to raise money at events each year. These items have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for military supporting foundations such as The Navy SEAL Foundation, Marine Raider Foundation, SEAL Family Foundation, The Brian Bill Foundation, Naked Warrior Foundation, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, and the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation, to name a few.

Navy Paddles has also provided paddles and awards for the extreme race community such as The Bone Frog Challenge, Spartan Race, The Boston 5K, Ryan Owens Memorial Run, and the Ironman Superfrog.