Commemorative Plaques Honor Our Heroic Veterans & Their Continued Service

Commemorative Plaques Honor Our Heroic Veterans & Their Continued Service

The men and women of the military give everything in service of freedom and democracy. Commemorative plaques and memorabilia are just a few ways to show service members and veterans just how much they are valued and appreciated.

In life after the military, many of these veterans continue to lead and serve their communities. They inspire today’s youth and support those in need. 

Here’s a glimpse into the lives of some of the amazing men and women who continue to serve.

Veterans Serving Their Communities

Active duty service members and veterans alike enthusiastically serve their communities at home. Although many play roles in disaster relief efforts with organizations like the Red Cross, others serve their communities in equally significant – yet less noticeable – ways.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Formerly an F-14 flyer, TOPGUN graduate, and Navy veteran, Alan Pietruszewski now serves his community. Through the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s BookPALS program, Alan visits elementary schools and reads aloud to eager and excited young students.

“More often than not, we are out there still serving, just in new ways…making a difference, making an impact. I think that describes a lot of veterans.” – Alan Pietruszewski

In addition to inspiring the next generation, Alan uses his volunteer work as a platform to dispel the stigma surrounding veterans. By positively engaging with his community, he shows that veterans are – although worthy of honor and respect – just like everyone else.

Delivering Joy & Canned Goods

As an Amazon operations manager, Army veteran Victoria Wilson facilitates the shipment of everything from commemorative plaques to puppy calendars. Victoria also heads up the local Amazon Warriors program where she and other Amazon-employed veterans continue to serve those in need.

Victoria’s chapter of the Amazon Warriors has provided unwavering support to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the events they’ve put together, these veterans have raised money for local food banks. They’ve even set up an online toy drive for foster kids.

Protecting the Planet

Dean Kelley and Daniel Callender were two homebrewers when they met in the Marine Corps back in 2015. Just a few years later, they’d open a brewery together. Located in Surf City, North Carolina, the Salty Turtle Beer Company’s service isn’t limited to craft beers, though – they also take pride in serving and protecting marine life.

This veteran-owned brewery has made the planet a priority. In particular, the Salty Turtle Beer Company donates a portion of its profits to support – you guessed it – sea turtles. Partnering with the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, these Marine brewers have contributed thousands of dollars to the protection of marine life.

Honoring Veterans With Commemorative Plaques

However they continue to serve after getting out of the military, all veterans deserve to be honored, respected, and appreciated. Memorabilia and commemorative plaques are just two ways to give thanks to military veterans. 

Whether it’s a custom paddle to honor an achievement or a commemorative coin to remember a milestone, memorabilia serves as a symbol of pride and appreciation. After dedicating so much in service of freedom and democracy, appreciation is one of the best gifts a veteran can receive. 

Give Thanks & Honor Those Who Serve

At home, many veterans continue their valiant work serving their communities. Their immense dedication to the country and community deserves recognition.

Although there are plenty of ways to support veterans, often the most overlooked is simply saying “thank you.” This simple expression of genuine gratitude and recognition is profoundly meaningful. For something more grandiose, commemorative plaques make for an awesome gesture of appreciation. 

Looking for a meaningful way to honor a military veteran or first responder in your life? Check out our commemorative plaques and custom memorabilia.

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